FILLMED Skin Perfusion Bright Booster

FILLMED Skin Perfusion Bright Booster

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FILLMED Bright Booster is a highly intensive serum, specially developed to treat hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. The serum stimulates cell renewal, which enhances and creates a brighter and more even skin tone. Additionally, the inclusion of antioxidants blocks the production of melanin to reduce hyperpigmentation.

The pack consists of: 3 x 10 ml bottles

Benefits of FILLMED Bright Booster 10ml:

High concentration of active ingredients

Brightening serum

Improving skin texture

Stimulates cell renewal

How to use FILLMED Bright Booster:

Use the FILLMED Bright Booster approximately every 10 days. Apply and let the serum dry for 10 minutes before applying night cream. Due to its high level of active ingredients, FILLMED Bright Booster is recommended to be used a maximum of three days in the first week. Furthermore, a high SPF must be worn daily when treating hyperpigmentation.


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