FILLMED Skin Perfusion Balance Booster

FILLMED Skin Perfusion Balance Booster

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FILLMED Balance Booster is a unique and highly effective serum. Balance Booster reduces the appearance of imperfections and purifies the skin. FILLMED Balance Booster combines two exfoliating acids which work together to exfoliate and improve the texture of the skin. It also has purifying properties and helps to control shine. Use FILLMED Balance Booster to gently exfoliate the skin and slough away dead skin cells to reduce the appearance of pores and irregular skin texture.

The pack consists of: 3 x 10 ml bottles

Benefits of FILLMED Balance Booster:

Gentle exfoliator

Improve skin texture

Reduces skin imperfections

Purifies the sin

How to use FILLMED Balance Booster:

FILLMED Balance Booster should be applied in the evening before night cream.


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