Pharmann Cooling Face Mask

Pharmann Cooling Face Mask

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Pharmann Cooling Face Mask is designed for use after dermatological and cosmetic procedures in order to accelerate the healing and regeneration of irritated skin. The product contains active ingredients that have been specifically selected to bring immediate relief to irritated skin, cool, reduce swelling, burning and redness. The Cooling Face Mask restores skin’s normal sensitivity threshold and minimises discomfort. The formula is rich on plant extracts that not only cool, but also give an immediate soothing and calming effect. In addition, it moisturises the skin, making it soft and silky to touch. The mask is perfectly suited to the contour of the face.

The pack consists of: 2 masks x 20ml

Benefits of Pharmann Cooling Face Mask:

Accelerate the healing and regeneration of irritated skin

Cool, reduce swelling, burning and redness

Restore skin’s normal sensitivity threshold and minimise discomfort

Make the skin soft and silky

How to use the Pharmann Cooling Face Mask:

Separate the face mask from the foundation and apply it to a cleansed face. Keep the mask on for 20 minutes, then remove the mask and wait until it’s completely absorbed. Do not rinse.


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