FILLMED Skin Perfusion Pro-Youth Essentials Kit

FILLMED Skin Perfusion Pro-Youth Essentials Kit

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680,00 kr
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FILLMED Pro-Youth Essentials Set is a perfect discovery pack to try some of the brand’s best products for post-treatment care.

The pack consists of:

1 x 20ml Perfecting Solution

1 x 15ml B3 Recovery Cream

1 x 15ml 5HP-Youth Cream

1 x 15ml GR-Youth Mask

Benefits of FILLMED Pro-Youth Essentials Set:

FILLMED Perfecting Solution is an effective chemical peel

FILLMED B3 Recovery Cream replenishes the skin’s moisture barrier

FILLMED 5HP Youth Cream is a rich, daily moisturiser

FILLMED GR-Youth Mask is a plumping mask


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